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River to the Maelstrom
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Image by Stuck in Customs
To honor ReadWriteWeb and its founder, the great Richard MacManus, I decided to post a new photo from his homeland of New Zealand today.

On the way to Milford Sound, there are a variety of little rivers that twist and turn into the mountains. I didn’t have nearly enough time, but I did a small amount of hiking to find some good compositions.

Flickr For Blogs & Social Media Stuff
I know that some of you are coming to to see me speak — but if you are a blogger or into social media, I highly recommend you come see Scott Kublin talk (see Scott’s session here). Just trust me on this one.

Speaking of blogging, driving traffic, and all that sort of stuff, I point you to this article on ReadWriteWeb called "Analysis: What are the Web’s Top Sources of Referral Traffic?" There is a nice mention of… there and about how much traffic we get from Flickr alone.

There’s a ton of other stuff in this post, which can be found here at

County Taxpayers and Stan Chesley
As the glitzy black hole along the riverfront known as Paul Brown Stadium continues to suck taxpayer dollars for its upkeep, a little relief is on the way. Hamilton County commissioners approved a lease for the Bengals stadium and at nearby Great American Ball Park that allows AT&T to install a cellular telephone antenna system at the facilities. The lease will generate about $ 720,000, which …
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Morning Report: The Jacuzzi-Sized Pothole
Life on the (broken) road, slipping in and out of bustles, summer school may be done and the big appeal of Yuma.
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Police seize firearms and arrest two in Fifth Avenue disturbance
Police have recovered two guns, arrested two others and are looking for other suspects following a Thursday disturbance at a Fifth Avenue apartment. Police were called to the apartment just before 2 a.m.[...]
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