Obama Seeks $4 Trillion Deficit Cut in 12 Years Or Less

Obama Seeks Trillion Deficit Cut in 12 Years Or Less
President Barack Obama, presenting his second plan in as many months to reduce the nation’s long- term debt today, is vowing to cut $ 4 trillion in cumulative deficits within 12 years with $ 3 in spending cuts and interest savings for every $ 1 in tax increases, according to two congressional aides familiar with the proposal.
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4 Ways Keyword Level Analytics Can Boost Revenue
Nobody likes being in the dark, especially when it comes to making decisions. The more information we have, the better we can manage the outcome. This is exactly the case with paid search and why tracking and analytics at the keyword level is critical for B2B marketers.
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WWE: 5 New Ideas That Would Further Expand Worldwide Popularity
The one thing that every wrestling fan can hang their hat on is that The WWE has no plans on slowing down any time in the near future.   Vince McMahon appears to be hell-bent on becoming a global entertainment giant that garners the same respect and power as Universal Studios, Viacom, or any other number of world-renowned media companies.   But of course it starts with wrestling, and in order to …
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