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Thailand – October 29, 2005
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Perhaps she bought her hat here, in the town’s central business district. The whole waterroad is crammed with boats delicaetly navigating shop to shop.
Our tour’s destination was this town, which still had its original waterway streets. 50 years ago, much of Thailand’s streets were streets of water and your car was a boat. As long as this city, of which I have no idea the name, makes tourist money off keeping streets of water, they won’t bother to convert to dry streets for autos.
On this day we took a tour we booked in advance. Unfortunately, it took out into the countryside quite a distance west of the City of Bangkok – but it turns out that was for a reason. All of Bangkok’s waterway boulevards have been filled in and paved over – to see anything resembling them, you have to go out to the far distant countryside to be given a taste of the old Thailand.

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